About the Kaspersky Activation Code

Download Kaspersky with an activation code.

What’s an activation code?

It’s s an exclusive alphanumeric arrangement of 20 Latin letters and numerals that you get when you acquire a commercial license for Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Kaspersky activation code confirms that you possess a 100% licensed or registered copy of the program.

To use a Kaspersky application, you will need the code not only right after having made the purchase but also when you install the application on a different device — for instance, in case you lost the preceding gadget, or in case any license issues happen.

In case you have lost your Kaspersky activation code after you have activated the application, you still have the option of restoring the activation code.

Get in touch with the Kaspersky Technical Support to restore an activation code.

The requirement for an activation code could arise, for instance, to register your Kaspersky Company Account.

To activate the application with an activation code, you need Internet access, with good speed, to connect to the Kaspersky activation servers.

When the application gets activated, with an activation code, the active key gets installed.

An additional key can be installed only utilizing an activation code and it cannot be installed utilizing a key file or under subscription.

Before Installing: Important Tips

1. Find out if your computer meets the various system requirements for Kaspersky Total Security.

2. Check whether any applications, installed on your system, are incompatible with Kaspersky Total Security. Get rid of every such incompatible software, guarantee that Kaspersky Total Security performs properly.

3. Shut down every running application.

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